Founder: Maryam Zar, JD.

I am the founder of Womenfound, Inc. ( I advocate for women, women’s causes and their empowerment.

I created WOMENFOUND in February 2010. Womenfound is a cause and a calling at the same time. It is founded by one woman but it has been incrementally created over time through the input of many women.

I am a former correspondent, newspaper editor, entrepreneur and successful business person. I have a Bachelor of Sciences in Communication and a Law Degree. I am an immigrant, a mother, a wife and a human with a conscience.

Womenfound enables me to put all of my experience, knowledge, education and vision together to become an effective advocate. My hope is that Womenfound will grow into a foundation that can create and fund its own programs on the ground to aid, empower and ultimately give dignity to women in need around the world.

My credo is that I am a wife and mother living in a peaceful community full of amenities and a realistic promise of safety.  Still, I worry about my children and fret for their future. My heart goes out to women in less stable societies with fleeting assurances of safety who, despite their greatest efforts, can’t keep their kids safe from random harm. I am educated and hold a JD, but still struggle to provide my kids all that they hope for. I cringe for those mothers who do not have the luxury of education and struggle even to provide their kids with basic needs.

My life’s objective has always been to make a difference. From now on, my life’s work is to try and make even the smallest of contributions in a great-big world replete with need. Our aim at Womenfound will be to reach the countless women who suffer through war and famine; death and disease; natural disaster and man-made calamity … but remain peaceful and pass their hope onto another generation.

I hope you enjoy this website and our blog, but most of all that you will find value in our mission to bring dignity and empowerment to women around the globe, and join our cause.

Thank you and best,
Maryam Zar, JD.

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